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The Miamai Blogger Scavenger Hunt

Hello lovelies! How excited are all of you for the new spring line from Miamai? We certainly are excited to bring it to you! Monica and Pill have both put a lot of effort into this line and we know all of you are going to enjoy it greatly.

If you haven’t heard about Miamai‘s scavenger hunt you can find all the details by following this link! You could be one of three lucky people to win the entire Luxe collection, including all the shoes!



Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes when looking at clothing in Second Life it’s quite obvious where the content creator has drawn their inspiration from, others not so much. With this collection the inspiration came from many places however the very first piece that was released as a preview actually came  as inspiration to Monica Outlander not through fashion but through her art. Vali Myers was a talented artist in so many ways. If you’ve never heard of her I highly suggest you take a few moments to research the sultry siren.

Best of luck to those on the hunt and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Saturday as I can! I’ll be MCing with Sofia Diage at the release party. If any of you remember our shenanigans from the Miss Virtual World pageant in December I am certain you can imagine just how much fun it’s going to be without us being censored! Woo!


On Shae:

*Jacket: Miamai – macK Fix – Princess (Coming Soon)

*Shirt: Miamai – Stephanie – Ice (Coming Soon)

*Skirt: Miamai – Anya Gown – Cotton Plain Pink (Coming Soon)

*Hair: Miamai – Lika – Blacks

Necklace, Bracelet & Ring: Cae – Murano

Mesh Ears: RealEvil Industries – ReVox Starly Ears

*Watch: RealEvil Industries – Lux Elle’s Watch

Hands: Slink –  Mesh Hands – Casual

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Pose: Yours truly


The many colors of Shae

I had the pleasure of introducing Miamai‘s Shae gown to you from it’s Black Label collection back in December. Now, I am bringing you a special wedding version of the gown!

Miamai_Shae_Wedding_FrontThis is the moonlight version created for Miamai’s 2014 wedding collection. There is also a “Powder” version which is a lovely creme color for those of you hosting the lovely autumn skin tones.

Miamai_Shae_Wedding_BackJust another excuse to run around in this gown for weeks.. shamelessly.. I’m totally okay with it!

On Shae:

Dress: Miamai Bridal 2014 – BlackLabel – Shae – Moonlight *New*

Hair: RedMint – No. 15’13 – Pinch Black

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Mesh Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Poses: Picture One: Manifeste

Picture Two: Di’s Opera


The Futurewave

There are so many events going on right now there are far too many for me to keep up with. I’d love to be able to have the time to blog all of them but sadly I do not. I am a sucker however for Monica Outlander’s face tattoos so when she popped a few out for the Futurewave event I had to force myself to take a few minutes (okay hours) to shoot and edit a picture for it. These are actually two of her tattoos layered. All three of the tattoos she made for the event are tintable so you can make them whatever color you wish which turns out to be pretty handy.

FacepaintThe new ISON necklace at the new round of Collabor88 has been taunting me since opening day. It took me four different teleports with three different logins to purchase this darned thing.. but I finally got it. There is nothing worse than going negative linden every single time you try to purchase something. The same thing kept happening to me at Fameshed when I was trying to purchase these earrings from Cae. Anyone know why that is happening to me?

I’ve been pretty sick the past few weeks, that coupled with my time constraints has gotten me seriously backed up with blogging. In fact, I don’t know if I am going to actually catch up. I am finally starting to feel better though so hopefully I can catch up with everything before editing week for Love To Decorate!

On Shae:

*Face Tattoos: Miamai – Future Headpaint 01 & 02 *New* (Futurewave)

Necklace: ISON – Nova Tribe Necklace – Silver *New* (Collabor88)

Earrings: Cae – Elusive *New* (Fameshed)

Skin: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Hair: CaTwA – Abi

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye – Twilight Steel

Eyeshadow: MONS – Burning – Blue

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Pose: Del May


I Believe

I have been pretty bogged down this week with work so I haven’t had a lot of time to go out shopping but there are two items I do want to tell you about! The first is this new hair from Miamai called Ojaa. You can’t really see from the pictures because I suck but it’s a cute little pony tail. I am loving it and Monica Outlander threw a special version of it out to the Miamai group members today so if you missed it or aren’t a member of the group you’re gonna want to do what you gotta do to grab it!

I BelieveThe second item I’d like to tell you about is from a new to me shop called Plastik. It’s probably been around for quite some time I just didn’t know about it until they followed me on Flickr. I have had to make a habit of going to folks Flickr streams to preview before returning follows here lately. Some of you make surfing Flickr totally unsafe for work you know! Anywho, popped over and saw ALL THE CRAZY things! I really enjoy stores like this one that have little things that you won’t be likely to find otherwise. The horns, choker and earrings are all part of a huge package that was offered for 50L during yesterday’s Fifty Linden Friday round. There is a TON of stuff in this box. I tried to put on all the things but welp.. it wasn’t pretty. I’m really glad they added me on Flickr and I look forward to being able to pop over to the store to grab something off their shelves when I am feeling a bit outside the box.

I Believe2Can we talk about my azz? I haven’t been able to take it off since I got it Monday. By the way, I always wake up with the intent to do Berry’s Monday Memes and promise myself I will when I get home from work but something always comes up! This week it was completely derailed by my insane desire to acquire and play with the Cute Azz. Anywho, a few things that require mentioning or warning as the case may be about this azz:

One: If you stare at it too long it’ll make you want to stand up and do squats. True story! So if you’re one of those that decided you were finally gonna do the squat challenge as your new years resolution you are gonna need this azz. Loads of motivation, right there in your face all the time cause.. welp… it’s your azz!

Two: There aren’t enough appliers out there. I know I haven’t had time to look very hard but I have spent a few hours on the marketplace. Listen here people: I am a momma! I cannot be trotting around in my drawers all the time. At the very least I’m gonna need people to get on the ball with some more appliers that have.. erm.. more coverage? Again, I’m new to the whole mesh booty scene so if there’s someone out there who has knowledge of where to get appliers that will cover the whole thing and not just thongs I’d appreciate you dropping me a message here, email a sister.. IM her! Something!

Three: Your boots? Nay Nay. I truly wanted to wear some thigh high boots with this styling but nothing I tried worked. So… yeah.

Four: What is THIS about? (See below)

I Believe3That’s a raw snapshot, do you see the color change? It only happens at certain angles and I’m not quite certain why. At the angle used for the first picture it’s not visible. I’ve also noticed that as I move my camera around my avatar the appliers on the azz flicker a whole lot. And when I say flicker I mean just funky patches, not the entire thing. It’s really strange. I’ve no idea why, for photography it’s no big deal but for every day use it might be a problem. If there is something I need to change I’d really like to know about it!

Five: I can’t get my feet to match up exactly. I did figure out the gap issue between the legs and the feet though. My graphics are usually on Ultra for photos and once I bumped it down one tick it went away. No idea why! I’m not smart enough to figure it out but it went away and that’s all that matters. However.. there is a slight issue between my legs and my Slink feet. I’ve tried all the different sizes and it’s still there. For me the size xxsmall gets me the closest but it’s still not a perfect fit. Help? *makes a frowny face* It isn’t very noticeable but I know it’s there and because I know it’s there it effects the sexy that is projected from my aura! Waaaah!

Six: NO MORE KNOBBY KNEES!!!! I know I said it on my last post but seriously.. SO happy about not having to photoshop knobby knees anymore. Check out the raw snap below! Wooohoo! It’s not perfect but it’s a heck of a lot better than it was before!

I Believe4Seven: (Side note: I wanted to stop on six because … SIXPence but I have to tell you) You’re gonna get addicted to this thing quickly. Also, you get used to it quickly too. I’ve been wearing it all week and took it off for the first time today. I was INSTANTLY mortified. I couldn’t wait to get my Cute Azz (loving called the Phlat Azz by me!) back on. It’s amazing the difference it makes. Totally worth the lindens in my opinion.

On Shae:

Lingerie w/ Applier: *MUKA* – Blossom Back

*Hair: Miamai – Ojaa – Black1 *New*

Horns & Jewelry: :[Plastik]: – Krysis Set – Eastern Sunrise Limited Edition *New* (Fifty Linden Fridays)

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes – Clarity

Mesh Hands: SLink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Mesh Bootay: Luck Inc – Cute Azz

Poses: Del May

Nana from Miamai

Don’t shoot me.. I don’t have a creative ounce of energy in me after such a long work week and a very busy weekend! These are basically raw snaps but I wanted to make sure I got the word out about the newest group gift from Miamai! Say hello to Nana, in a special color reserved for group members only.

GroupgiftNana is for sale in several different colors but this deep purple will only be for Miamai’s group members. There is no cost to join the group and Monica is famous for throwing pretty things at her loyal and loving minions.. I mean.. members. It’s worth the group slot, plus you get me throwing glitter at you randomly. Totally worth the group slot!

Groupgift1I squeaked out loud when I saw these bows in the back! Super cute! Perv my in world profile for the group clickage to get yours quick fast and in a hurry!

Groupgift2Oh, remember Ria from my last post? I still can’t take off this skin. I hate that it’s so much lighter than my normal tone so I’m gonna need someone to figure out who Shyla’s people are. I don’t have people but I am willing to hire people to talk to her people so a mocha tone will be forth coming!  Oh, jewelry.. Maxi Gossamer stole my monies again. *sobs*

On Shae:

*Gown: Miamai – Nana – Purple *New* *Group Gift Only!*

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Tallulah Drop *New* (Collabor88)

Skin: Belleza – Ria – Tan 3 *New* (Collabor88)

Hair: D!va Hair – Astralia – Onyx *New* (Collabor88)

*Hairbase: IsoMotion – Geisha Hair Base (Not for sale at present)

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes – Twilight Steel Shadow

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Appliers: Belleza

Poses: Di’s Opera





Introducing the latest release from Miamai, meet Sarenne! Raw snaps incoming! Don’t shoot me.. It’s Sunday and I really just want to take a nap! The images below have only been cropped.

Miamai_S_NRI am wearing the emerald version of the gown but it is available in seven different versions.


I had a horrible time trying to decide which version to show you as I am completely in love with all of them. Pop over to the main store and grab yours!

On Shae:

*Dress: Miamai – Sarenne – Emerald

Hair: Eaters Coma – Hair 40 – Noir

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Esme Loops – Black

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Poses: Manifeste

New from Miamai, Exile & LeLutka

I am totally behind on my blogging. I’ve been so busy with work both First Life and Second Life that I have hardly had time to sleep much less style and shoot pictures! Fortunately for me I was able to finally shoot these fabulous headdresses that were created by Monica Outlander as part of this years BlackLabel Collection today.




First up is Sian. One word comes to mind when I look at this headdress: Carnival! It’s only about six weeks away and you can bet I am going to be looking around the grid for the perfect items to pair with this piece for the festivities. If you didn’t know a lot of the Brazilian sims in Second Life celebrate and have their own carnivals. They are SO much fun so I highly suggest you visiting if you’re able to do so around that time. A lot of folks have issues finding hair to go under hats and items such as this one so allow me to introduce you to Travail, one of three new releases at LeLutka. Perfect  for situations like these with minimal effort needed.




This is the Tatania who should actually be worn on your head and this is actually the back of the headdress but I like it so much I wanted to hold it! Tatania also has a sexy jump suit to match but I had a strange urge to remain naked so you’ll just have to suffer. Although being nearly naked in both this image and the image above allowed me to show off another new release from Miamai’s BlackLabel Collection called Ordoroe. This tattoo comes in three different colors, white and blue which are both shown and then black. The Tatania headdress comes in three different colors, white which is shown here and then pink and black.




If you haven’t been to this round of Fameshed you need to do so as quickly as possible. These new eyes by IKON are seriously the greatest thing since sliced bread. They come in a bazillion colors and are super easy to size with the HUD. Also, Exile released new hair and I am totally in love with this one called Party Girl. Just so you know, I will not be judged if you see me three weeks from now still wearing this hair. It’s that awesome!

I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe holiday!

On Shae:

Picture One:

*Headdress: Miamai BlackLabel Collection – Sian *New*

Hair: Lelutka – Travail – Pitch *New*

*Tattoo: Miamai BlackLabel Collection – Ordoroe – Blue

Skin: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Makeup: MONS – Eyeshadow Burning – Blue

Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes – Clarity (Fameshed) *New*

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Teeth: PXL Creations: Open Mouth HUD

Picture Two & Three:

*Headdress: Miamai BlackLabel Collection – Tatania – White *New*

Hair: Exile – Party Girl – Midnight

*Tattoo: Miamai BlackLabel Collection – Ordoroe – White *New*

Skin: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes – Clarity (Fameshed) *New*

Makeup: MONS – Eyeshadow Burning – Black

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Teeth: PXL Creations: Open Mouth HUD


All poses by Del May