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The Futurewave

There are so many events going on right now there are far too many for me to keep up with. I’d love to be able to have the time to blog all of them but sadly I do not. I am a sucker however for Monica Outlander’s face tattoos so when she popped a few out for the Futurewave event I had to force myself to take a few minutes (okay hours) to shoot and edit a picture for it. These are actually two of her tattoos layered. All three of the tattoos she made for the event are tintable so you can make them whatever color you wish which turns out to be pretty handy.

FacepaintThe new ISON necklace at the new round of Collabor88 has been taunting me since opening day. It took me four different teleports with three different logins to purchase this darned thing.. but I finally got it. There is nothing worse than going negative linden every single time you try to purchase something. The same thing kept happening to me at Fameshed when I was trying to purchase these earrings from Cae. Anyone know why that is happening to me?

I’ve been pretty sick the past few weeks, that coupled with my time constraints has gotten me seriously backed up with blogging. In fact, I don’t know if I am going to actually catch up. I am finally starting to feel better though so hopefully I can catch up with everything before editing week for Love To Decorate!

On Shae:

*Face Tattoos: Miamai – Future Headpaint 01 & 02 *New* (Futurewave)

Necklace: ISON – Nova Tribe Necklace – Silver *New* (Collabor88)

Earrings: Cae – Elusive *New* (Fameshed)

Skin: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Hair: CaTwA – Abi

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye – Twilight Steel

Eyeshadow: MONS – Burning – Blue

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Pose: Del May



Nana from Miamai

Don’t shoot me.. I don’t have a creative ounce of energy in me after such a long work week and a very busy weekend! These are basically raw snaps but I wanted to make sure I got the word out about the newest group gift from Miamai! Say hello to Nana, in a special color reserved for group members only.

GroupgiftNana is for sale in several different colors but this deep purple will only be for Miamai’s group members. There is no cost to join the group and Monica is famous for throwing pretty things at her loyal and loving minions.. I mean.. members. It’s worth the group slot, plus you get me throwing glitter at you randomly. Totally worth the group slot!

Groupgift1I squeaked out loud when I saw these bows in the back! Super cute! Perv my in world profile for the group clickage to get yours quick fast and in a hurry!

Groupgift2Oh, remember Ria from my last post? I still can’t take off this skin. I hate that it’s so much lighter than my normal tone so I’m gonna need someone to figure out who Shyla’s people are. I don’t have people but I am willing to hire people to talk to her people so a mocha tone will be forth coming!  Oh, jewelry.. Maxi Gossamer stole my monies again. *sobs*

On Shae:

*Gown: Miamai – Nana – Purple *New* *Group Gift Only!*

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Tallulah Drop *New* (Collabor88)

Skin: Belleza – Ria – Tan 3 *New* (Collabor88)

Hair: D!va Hair – Astralia – Onyx *New* (Collabor88)

*Hairbase: IsoMotion – Geisha Hair Base (Not for sale at present)

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes – Twilight Steel Shadow

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Appliers: Belleza

Poses: Di’s Opera




The Pieces

If you haven’t had a chance to get to this month’s round of Collabor88 you have got to get your pixels there. I don’t care if you sit there for hours focused on nothing but failed teleports, it’s worth it! I nearly died when Shyla Diggs posted the teaser for Belleza’s contribution this month. Meet Ria..

PiecesThere are five different make-ups and four tones to choose from. Each of the tones come with all five lipsticks which include a matte finish and a glossy finish version. Also included are the cutest freckles ever and I’m not a freckle person at all.. Oh, and lovely little beauty marks. It’s seriously a beautiful skin. I’ll die if Shyla doesn’t put it out in the mocha tone, (Read that Shyla?! I’ll DIE! You don’t want that… do you?)  I am wearing the tan version here which is two full shades lighter than my normal. It’s been an adjustment but it’s such a beautiful skin I just can’t take it off!

Pieces2D!va Hair released four new hairs at Collabor88 this month, all of which were worn by Misses during the final rounds of Miss Virtual World 2014 held last month. I am wearing Miso which was worn by Miss Norway. There is a shocking amount of jewelry this month at the event as well. The collar and necklace I am wearing are both part of what is being offered by Maitreya this month. The earrings are part of another set that can be found there as well.

Seriously guys, so much awesomeness at Collabor88 this month. I managed to get myself back in a second time to grab all the things I was remorseful for not purchasing. I honestly think I bought one of everything. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration.. maybe..

On Shae:

Skin: Belleza – Ria – Tan 2 – *New* Collabor88

Hair: D!va Hair – Miso – Onyx – *New* Collabor88

Collar & Necklace: Maitreya – Vintage Collar & Pearls – Ivory *New* Collabor88

Earrings: (Yummy) – Pear Whisp – Silver *New* Collabor88

Lingerie: Fishy Strawberry – Soignee – White

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Applier: Belleza

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Shy Mesh Eyes – Twilight Steel Shadow

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Pose: Del May


New from Miamai!

As most are aware I was one of two hosts for Miss Virtual World 2014  that was held on December 14th. I was actually pretty terrified about doing it. I’ve been a guest on many live shows and I’ve worked countless numbers of live shows both as a model and production/backstage crew. However, I’ve never actually hosted and certainly never had to be live and on air for seven straight hours!

Miss Virtual World is a grueling competition that lasts for months. In 2010 I was Miss Virtual World Brazil, so I knew what these girls were going through. There were many times when my co-host, the lovely Sofia Diage had to swoop in and save me. I am glad she knew me well enough to be able to tell when a subject was starting to choke me up. I am a very emotional person by nature and being a Miss was something that I took very seriously, still do in fact. I think I only cried on air twice in the seven hours and I didn’t say a single bad word despite the many times I was baited to do so.

When I learned that I was going to be hosting I knew I had to be fabulous. I retired from the fashion world two years ago next month but there was NO way I was going to be anything less than fabulous. So, I went running to Monica Outlander of Miamai. You see, Monica does absolutely fabulous things with mesh and I knew that she would be able to deliver on what my minds eye had envisioned. She went above and beyond my expectations and even surprised me by adding my gown to her coveted BlackLabel collection.

MiaMai_BL_ShaeYou see, each year Monica releases a special collection under the title “BlackLabel.” It is a highly anticipated release that you never quite know what it will entail. The release shows have been some of the best shows on the grid. It’s just an event/collection that you don’t want to miss ever. One of her BlackLabel gowns was even named as one of Second Life’s Twenty  most beautiful gowns by The Best of Second Life Magazine in 2011. So when she told me that she was going to be adding my gown to the esteemed collection I nearly fainted!

MiaMai_BL_Shae_Back There are so many details in this gown, layers upon layers.. pearls, flowers.. multiple fabrics in lavender some patterned and others sheer and silky. There are also many details in indigo that are seen in the flowers. It also is materials ready! I spent hours moving my camera around myself watching the sheer bits sway from lavender to indigo.. it’s truly a work of art and I was extremely proud to represent the brand of Miamai on the stage. Thank you Monica for saving my tush!

MiaMai_BL_Shae_DetailsWhen it came to accessorizing the gown I knew that I had to wear my Miss Virtual World finalist headband that can be seen in the second image. I haven’t had many opportunities to wear it since it was gifted to me so I knew I had to incorporate it somehow. Turns out, it fit very nicely around the D!va Hair I chose to wear with the gown.. which was another no brainer for me. I love the whimsical feeling of D!va Hair. But when it came to the necklace, well the necklace was a completely different story.

You see, in Second Life it’s quite common to go over board with life in general. Jewelry is normally extremely lavish and over the top which was not at all right for this gown. With all the action going on I knew I needed something elegant and dainty. Insert Caelan Hancroft designer of Cae here. I discovered Cae a few months ago and have been a fan since. Simple elegance is what I needed and when she saw my dress and handed me the diamond solitaire necklace she delivered! It was exactly what I needed to complete my fabulosity! Thank you Caelan for coming to my rescue so quickly. I owe you!

I’ve been getting a TON of IMs in world about my dress asking when it will be for sale so.. I’m happy to say you can go buy it now!! You’ll find it in the “BlackLabel” section at the main Miamai store. I certainly hope you feel like a princess when you put it on, I know I do… I may or may not still be running around Second Life in it… *blinks*

On Shae:

*Dress: Maimai BlackLabel – Shae

Hair: D!va Hair – Sayaka3 Type A – Onyx

*Barrett: Miss Virtual World Finalist Headband 2011 (Not available for purchase)

Earrings: CCD – Maxima Earrings by Caithlin Carter

Ring: CCD – Halley – Silver – Verical by Caithlin Carter

*Necklace: Cae – Princess Solitaire – Diamond (Gatcha Item)

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Hands: Slink – Mesh hands – Casual

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes – Twilight Steel Shadow

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies Eyelashes

Poses: Di’s Opera


People handle being sad and/or depressed in different ways. Some attempt to drink away their sorrows. Some choose to sleep till it’s ran it’s course. Some people watch a feel good (for them) movie over and over until they feel better. Me? I buy shoes. Lots and lots of shoes. My first life shoe closet gained six new residents over the past few weeks. My Second Life shoe closet.. well.. gained a few more than that, and that was before I made it to Shoetopia. Do you remember this post? I have no idea if Siddean Munro read it or not. Probably not but holy cow did she deliver! Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite boots, Demi.


Aren’t they beautiful!? This is the Shoetopia exclusive color, blush. The only way you can get this color is by visiting the event and purchasing them there. This color is also not included in the fat pack, which you should totally get as well. Just do it. Once you put them on you’ll never want to take them off.

The super cute turtle neck dress I am wearing is a new release from Legal Insanity called Kelly and it comes in twenty different colors. Ten combinations with black and ten combinations with brown. This is the brown/pink version. As always the textures are impeccable. While we’re talking about new releases check out Vanity Hair’s newest release called Fallen! Unfortunately you cannot tell in this image that there are thin braids running down either side but they are there! More visible on lighter colors of course.

Can we look at the boots again? Yes, lets. Here is a raw snap that is closer so you can see much moe bettah!


I forgot to mention that in order to wear these new boots you will need to purchase the new Slink AvEnhance Feet in the High version. I am really excited about these new feet and am looking forward to seeing all the new creations that will be made for them by the lovely artists of Second Life. Shoegasms for everyone! Hooray for happy days!

On Shae:

Hair: Vanity Hair – Fallen – Blacks *New*

*Dress: Legal Insanity – Kelly – Brown/Pink *New*

Boots: Slink – Demi – Blush (Shoetopia Exclusive) *New*

TP to Shoetopia Sim 1 or TP to Shoetopia Sim 2

Necklace: Antiques – Kingdom of Diamonds

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky – Twilight Steel

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha (TP to Temp Location)

Pose: Del May

New from Azul and others

Mami Jewell, the creator behind the brand Azul posted a teaser of this gown a week or so ago on Facebook. Ever since then I have been simply dying for her to release it, swore I’d drop everything the moment she did to run and buy it. Then, she released it while I was at real life work! Oh, the horror! Anywho.. meet Iolanda which is classic Mami style all the way around! Partial mesh, beautiful textures and oh so many feathers! I am wearing the Amethyst version but as many of you know Mami always gives us many colors to choose from. There is even a limited color for sale at the main Azul store!



Digging the horns and the apple head dress? That’s two of O.M.E.N‘s gatchas for the OMGatcha Event that started today. I couldn’t decide which I liked better so I wore both! Crafty aren’t I? The theme of the event is Surrealist Ball (I am really over all this surrealism stuff these days truth be told) and while there is a whole lot of surrealism going on lately this one is actually based off a real life event that took place in 1972. I’d never heard of the real life surrealist ball so when I read up on it I learned it was pretty darn nifty! Google it! Lots of cool pictures and info.



Let me introduce you to Lucy in snow! This is one of three skins Glam Affair has at The Dressing Room Fusion this round. I am in love with this one. No one does deathly quite like Aida if you ask me. The jewelry is from Maxi Gossamer and can be found at Fameshed‘s October round. This is the shorter version of the necklace but there is a longer version as well. The hair is also a new release from Truth and while you cannot see the back in these images I am telling you… it’s absolutely adorable! For the first time ever I am rocking colored tips. I’m just not that into it normally… with this hair.. I dig it.

On Shae:

Gown: Azul – Iolanda – Amethyst *New!*

*Horns: O.M.E.N – Surrealist Ball Gatcha – Lit Antlers Black & Apple Crown Black (Shown in first image only) *New!* (OMGatcha)

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Amaifi Silver Moon *New!* (Fameshed)

Skin: Glam Affair – Lucy – Snow – 02 *New!* (The Dressing Room Fusion)

Hair: Truth – Felicity – Black & Whites *New!*

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes – Twilight Steel Shadow

Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Party – Inverted Crown

Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no 02

Poses: Di’s Opera

New at KMADD & RealEvil Industries

Have you all seen the hair “Troy” that Maddox Dupont created for the 24 event? If you haven’t you should hop over to KMADD and check it out. Seriously, there’s more possibilities than I could ever dream of naming. Gatcha hair, regular color packs and funky special colors that are limited quantity. Read that? LIMITED quantity. That means very few folks are going to have that particular hair! We ALL love rare stuffs! The gajillion hair base choices you have from KMADD make the possibilities endless. Seriously, head there and check it out!

(Yes, I know it’s guy hair. Ask me quickly if I care!)



So if you haven’t figured it out by now I’ll point out the obvious: When I like something, I really like it. And well, it’s my blog.. so I’m gonna point out that RealEvil Industries has a new jewelry set out! The biggest reason I love this guy and his creations is the sheer level of customization he gives us. I mean, honestly.. there’s SO many choices. I damn near had a seizure in the store trying to decide which color pack to choose from!



Before I start my overly long explanation of why RealEvil Industries is so awesome let me take a few moments to point out how fabulous Onyx LeShelle, the designer behind Maitreya is. I know this dress isn’t a new release however.. comma… pause for effect… I am constantly miffed at the fact that with mesh came standard shapes. Yes, we can still customize them but with mesh we basically get whatever shape the designers create the item in. You can only move so much. Onyx is one of the very few creators I have run across who gives me a super fabulous rear end. I mean, fabulous. I considered taking a picture of just it but I didn’t think it would go over to well. I love her jeans, skirts, shorts.. her butts are just done well! So thanks Onyx!!


HUD 1 Okay! Feast your eyes upon the glorious options! You can change just about everything! And all of the jewelry at RealEvil Industries is like this. So you’ll never have to worry about not having the perfect item again.. like.. ever!HUD 2 HUD 3
See look! Wooooo… shiny! So glittery! So pretty! It make you shine so bright like diamond in the sky!HUD 4
HUD 5 Seriously though, I wouldn’t blog this place over and over again if I didn’t love them. I’m picky, I am borderline snobbish.. These items have so much detail that I am constantly in amazement. Total fan girl… from a distance of course. Cause it would be creepy if he caught me outside his workshop with my nose pressed up against the glass… If he caught me…


On Shae:

Hair: KMADD – Troy – Black 8

Hair Base: KMADD – Swirl

Jewelry: RealEvil Industries – Brielle – Eclipse

Dress: Maitreya – Noltia – Black

Shoes: GOS Boutique – Mae Platform – Black

Skin & Hand Applier: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky – Twilight Steel Shadows

Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Party – Inverted Crown

Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no 02

Poses: Di’s Opera