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The many colors of Shae

I had the pleasure of introducing Miamai‘s Shae gown to you from it’s Black Label collection back in December. Now, I am bringing you a special wedding version of the gown!

Miamai_Shae_Wedding_FrontThis is the moonlight version created for Miamai’s 2014 wedding collection. There is also a “Powder” version which is a lovely creme color for those of you hosting the lovely autumn skin tones.

Miamai_Shae_Wedding_BackJust another excuse to run around in this gown for weeks.. shamelessly.. I’m totally okay with it!

On Shae:

Dress: Miamai Bridal 2014 – BlackLabel – Shae – Moonlight *New*

Hair: RedMint – No. 15’13 – Pinch Black

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Mesh Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Poses: Picture One: Manifeste

Picture Two: Di’s Opera



Berry’s Monday Meme

So Berry’s Monday Meme this week was to have someone else interview you. When I read her blog post I immediately decided that the first person’s name I saw on Plurk I’d ask to do the meme with me. Opened Plurk and WHAM! Bouncer Criss! Well, okay.. I don’t really know him at all. Seen him around on Plurk, he likes my ass it’s quite obvious.. maybe he will say yes… Thankfully he did and we decided to take pictures of each other too!

It was nice getting to hang out with him in pixel form for a little while. I think us not really knowing each other brought a little awkwardness to the situation though. At least it did for me. I am shy (yes! I am no one ever believes me) so when I don’t know someone I am not my normal joking and cutting up self. Lucky for me he tolerated me. Thanks again for saying yes Bouncer!

Shae by B(The picture Bouncer took of me! He didn’t yuck up my nose! He can follow instructions ladies!)

What follows is the interview Bouncer gave me. As you can see, he wasted no time getting down to business.

So Shae, why haven’t we done a naked picture before today?

Shae Sixpence tilts her head curiously to the side, “Well, this escalated rather quickly. I suppose because you’ve never asked me?”


 haha, thought I’d break the ice. Ok, serious now. This is the first time we’ve met in world, we have been Plurk friends for a while. What makes you tick when it comes to blogging? What’s your inspiration?

Various things inspire me. There was a time in my SLife when I “had” to blog out of obligation and that unfortunately caused a lot of burn out for me. It’s about the art for me not really the blog. The blog is just my way to go back over time and remember. Random things inspire me. Could be a necklace or a new pair of shoes.. mostly music though.


Do you have a certain style you lean towards? Are you more couture, casual? What do you consider “Shae’s Style”

I don’t do well with casual at all. I am more glitter and diamonds than anything. I try my very best to challenge myself but I always end up dressed up like a princess in the end. If I am not overly formal I am normally dressed in what people would consider business clothing. It’s how I dress in my first life so it carries over.


I can totally understand that, I am like that a lot. I tend to wear a lot of jeans and shirts in real life, so it kind of carries over to Second Life.

Jeans and a T-shirt is about the only thing I can do casual! Oh, and flippies. Us beach girls can do flippies.


Flippies? Is that what you southern girls call them?

I don’t like the way “flip flop” sounds coming out of my mouth. Don’t judge me. It’s far too early in our relationship for that.


I know from seeing convo’s in Plurk that you used to model. Did you start blogging before or after you did the modeling thing?

After, my ex-parter blogged on a consistent basis so I started blogging with him.


Since I know you’re a southerner, did you run out and buy your bread, eggs, and milk because of the snow tomorrow?

Shae Sixpence purses her lips together, “As a matter a fact I did along with all the fixins for crock pot beef stew that I’ll throw in tomorrow before I go to work.. a really big pot.. in case I have to rough it without power.. you know..”


Haha, I bought bread for grill cheese, that was the extent of my shopping.

And while you are suffering with only grilled cheese to eat know that I’ll be only a few hours south feasting. Cause it’s how I roll during disastrous times.


Wax or shave? Landing strip or nothing? j/k

Didn’t we have a Plurk conversation about this before? I’m almost certain we did.


We may have, but these conversations happen on Plurk so much, I forget who is shaved and who isn’t.

Oh, the woes of being Mister Bouncer Criss..


So what do you like to do around Second LIfe when you’re not playing dress up and blogging?

Blogging is actually what takes up the least of my time in Second Life. I have two jobs in Second Life, one being the CMO for Miamai and the other being the Senior Editor for Love To Decorate – The Magazine. Both keep me pretty busy. If I am in world I am normally doing something with one of them or both at the same time. When I am not working I spend time with my kids and I really enjoy exploring sims.


That’s awesome, and sounds pretty hectic.  One last question, cause I can’t think of anything else to ask, to busy drooling over your avi. If you could change 1 thing about Second Life, what would it be?

As in improvement wise?


Anything, what would be one thing that would make Shae more happy in Second Life?

I’d say the way the skeleton works or how the avatar moves. I’m not very smart when it comes to the terms used for it or what exactly it’s called but I seriously dislike how poses distort our bodies. I can lift my hand above my head without my shoulder going out of whack, my avatar should be able to as well.


I  totally agree, and wonky elbows.

And bums.. for the love of my bum!

Eespecially bums.

Shae Sixpence grins.


Gracias Shae, I appreciate you taking the time for the interview!

Bouncer Criss says cut.

Shae Sixpence snickers, “Yay!”

You can see the questions I asked Bouncer and the photo I took of him here!

On Shae:

Hair: Truth Hair – Junia – Black and Whites *New*

Skin: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Shirt: Lil’Lace – Tuck Blouse & Corset – White

Jewelry: Yummy – Pearl Whisp Set – Silver *New* (Collabor88)

Eyeshadow: MONS – Black Eyeliner Series

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes – Clarity

Pose: Manifeste



Introducing the latest release from Miamai, meet Sarenne! Raw snaps incoming! Don’t shoot me.. It’s Sunday and I really just want to take a nap! The images below have only been cropped.

Miamai_S_NRI am wearing the emerald version of the gown but it is available in seven different versions.


I had a horrible time trying to decide which version to show you as I am completely in love with all of them. Pop over to the main store and grab yours!

On Shae:

*Dress: Miamai – Sarenne – Emerald

Hair: Eaters Coma – Hair 40 – Noir

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Esme Loops – Black

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Poses: Manifeste

When I like it, I REALLY like it!

Those who know me know that when I like something I really, really like it! I know I blogged yesterday about the reopening of FR3SH but I just can’t help myself… I mean, I missed stuff! The FR3SH sim is so well done, you’ve honestly got to see it for yourself. All of you bloggers and photogs are going to have a blast there. It’s a shopping sim, as are most club sims however it’s done so well. It’s like it’s own little city. I spent about an hour today walking through the entire thing, peeking into every shop and buying.. lots of stuff! There’s pink panda high tops. PINK. PANDA. HIGH TOPS! Stay tuned for those.. yes, I’m serious.


Anywho, there’s a whole subway system on the sim with very well done billboards and ads all through them. There is so many places to take pictures I had a hard time deciding where to plop my pixels for just one. But I settled just outside the main entrance to the club. If you look in the background of the picture you can see a billboard above Legal Insanity’s shop on the sim. Imagine that, me landing somewhere that has a Legal Insanity satellite!



The FR3SH bra that I am wearing, created by Mel Faulkwing of Banger Island Creations was one of the many give aways that was made for the club’s grand reopening yesterday by it’s sponsors. I’m not certain if it will be set up as a permanent give away but there is one similar in Mel’s shop on the sim, just without the FR3SH logo. Aside from Banger Island Creations you’ll find satellite shops for Legal Insanity, STEPDUB, Razorblade, D-Style, Hooligan Ink and Alterego which is where you’ll find pink panda high tops.. just sayin.. Pink… Panda.. High Tops.. *blinks* and many others.

It was a lot of fun to explore the sim it’s self. I’ve decided that my favorite feature would have to be all the drunken club girls who are randomly passed out all over the sim. They gave me a chuckle more than a few times! Take some time and go visit the sim. It’s filled will awesome, welcoming people. Just stay away from my corner on the dance floor. It’s easy to see cause I scribbled my name on it so don’t give me any excuses. It’s mine.. I peed on it so you wouldn’t want it anyways.

On Shae:

Hair: Exile – Fire To The Rain – Blacks

Skin: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Collar: Corvus – Spiked Black Mesh Choker

*Bra: Banger Island Creations – FR3SH Logo Spiked Top *FR3SH Grand Reopening Gift*

Tattoo: Para Designs – Shadows

Skirt: Blueberry – Leather Skirt – Dark Black

Bracelets: Mandala – Sinra2 Bracelet Set – Samurai Black

Teeth: PXL Creations – Open Mouth HUD

Pose: Manifeste

Location: FR3SH


New Chompers & Stomping Grounds!

Hart Larsson the designer behind PXL Creations has just released a new open mouth hud that has all kinds of options!


The teeth are so well done, I was rather shocked when I got the demo and tried them out. I honestly thought to myself.. yeah okay. Here we go.. AGAIN… but seriously. I am in love with this hud. And it’s super easy to use as well! Take a look at the screenshot below..


There are three different packs that you can purchase right now. The hud above shows the basic pack. You also have the option of choosing shadows or none. It’s a subtle difference but it’s the little things in life that count right? Little things like BABY TEETH! I know a lot of you are like me and have Second Life children.. now they can have chompers too or braces!

Anyone looking for new stomping grounds? Club FR3SH just re-opened! I’ve been here shakin my pixelated hind parts off for hours. I tried to get a couple pictures but the Second Life Gods looked down and said uhm.. no.. there’s too much fabulous going on down there.. BAM! Crash.. multiple times.


Don’t judge me by my screen shots.. or the club for that matter. It’s really neat. I especially like how the DJ booth is up above the dance floor. It was nice to run into some old friends and make some new ones. They’ve got some veteran DJ’s spinning there like Viktor Galli and Rachel Feld (who is actually spinning as I type this!) as well as some newer but still awesome. I’ve honestly not heard a bad set today. If you’re bored or looking for new stomping grounds check out FR3SH.

On Shae:

Shirt: coldLogic – somers pink

Jewelry: RealEvil Industries – LUX Alma Set

Hair: Truth Hair – Qopi – Black&Whites05

Skin: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Teeth: PXL Creations – OpenMouth Pro v2

Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- -Couture Eyeliner no 02

Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Party – Inverted Crown

Eyes: MADesigns – Mirrors – Vanity

Pose: Manifeste

Slur to Club FR3SH