Miamai Presents the Luxe Scavenger Hunt!

MIAMAI :: Fashion House

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On April 12th at 10am SLT Miamai will launch it’s brand new Spring line but before we do… there will be shenanigans (lots of them) and you’re all invited to participate!

Beginning April 10th and carrying through into the 11th a series of nine bloggers from across the grid will be giving you all sneak previews of the Luxe Collection as well as hiding clever answers to questions within their blog. The game is simple:

The first three people to find all the hidden answers to the questions below and submit those answers correctly via notecard to Shae Sixpence will win the entire Luxe Collection. Including the shoes… that’s right we said the shoes too. All of them.

The questions? What are they? Oh, okay…

1. What is Monica Outlander’s favorite color?

2. What is Monica Outlander’s favorite flower?

3. In what year was Miamai established?

4. Why has the…

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MIAMAI :: Fashion House




As we transition through the seasons we celebrate each one in beautiful and glorious ways. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. It is a time to open the windows and let the fresh air cleanse our homes as well as our lives. To celebrate the seasonal change we have reduced the prices on the City Girl Collection by marking items down 50 to 70% off.

Now is the perfect time to round out your wardrobe from Miamai because once the cleanse is finished the collection will be retired forever. Come, help us celebrate!


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LTD: FREE GIFT For LTD Supporters

Love To Decorate



Are you a supporter of LOVE TO DECORATE? Want to get your hand on this great item? It is available FREE for members of the LTD inworld group.

Group Membership is free (paste the following link via inworld chat): secondlife:///app/group/cbe83c82-145e-5d2d-190e-a4bc99e09e66/about

Join us and grab this gift today at the FALL SIM.

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Cause I can’t get it through customs…

For those of you who follow me on Plurk you know that quite often I post pictures and recipes as I am cooking. My good friend Winter and I were having a conversation last week about what I was planning on cooking this Wednesday night. You see, every Wednesday night myself and a slew of my girlfriends pile into my house, drink loads of mascato, eat dinner and have a great time. Every week it alternates who cooks. My friends rearranged the entire schedule of cooking so I would have the Wednesday after Thanksgiving because that means… Turkey Pot Pies. Winter immediately announced that they have no such thing in Australia and demanded promptly that I make one and send it to him. Pretty stinking impossible of a demand.. FRIEND. So, the next best thing I can do is a very DETAILED recipe for him so he can make one himself! If he can find a turkey in Australia… do they have them there? I don’t think wombat pot pie would taste quite the same.

The Ingredients:

For the crust:

2 2/3 cup flour

2 tablespoons sugar

1 1/4 teaspoon salt

2 1/4 stick butter (Thats REAL butter folks!)

1/2 cup ice water

For the filling:

2 tablespoons butter

1 onion, chopped

2 carrots, chopped

6 tablespoons parsley, fresh and chopped

1 tablespoon oregano, fresh and chopped

2 cups chicken stock

2 potatos cubes

1 1/2 cup precooked turkey chopped

3 tablespoons flour

1/2 cup milk

Okay! Here comes the pictures! Cause we all know guys do better with pictures! Keep in mind I was making SIX pot pies and the above ingredients are only for one. So if it looks like I have a WHOLE lot of stuff going on… it’s cause I had a WHOLE lot of stuff going on!

First.. chop up your veggies

2013-12-04 15.49.15

Add the flour, sugar, and salt into a bowl and mix that around. Drop the pieces of butter in like so.. (the butter has to be soft, seriously) and make sure it’s REAL butter. None of that filthy margarine stuffs..

2013-12-04 16.02.19

Using a pastry knife or a fork will work smoosh, yes.. I said SMOOSH the butter pieces into the flour mixture. You’ll see them start to form little balls like this!

2013-12-04 16.08.35

Eventually, all the flour mixture will blend in together and you’ll have a whole bunch of lumps. This is where the ice water comes in. And listen to me when I say this. Ice. Water. I dont know why it doesn’t work with room temperature water I just know it doesn’t.

2013-12-04 16.04.59

See! ICE water. It’s important! Anywho, sprinkle the water into the mixture while forking it around the bowl. (I said forking, I know.) Eventually after a few rounds of that you’ll get this!

2013-12-04 16.12.06

Woo! Fancy! Time to roll it out! Do I need to explain this? It’s pretty simple. Split it in half though. You’ll need the other half for the top part of the crust.

2013-12-04 16.17.30

Before putting into the pie pan I like to roll the crust up like so.. but some people have the talent to just pick it up and go. I am not one of those people.

2013-12-04 16.18.07

Now this is gonna be a little embarrassing but I am gonna bust myself out because this is going to happen to you. My first run is always awful. I never add enough water and it just falls apart on me. Then I end up piecing it together because well.. it’s the bottom and no one is gonna see it anyways!

2013-12-04 16.23.53

See? I fail at life. But the good news is it gets easier! And I don’t fail at it ALL the time! See!

2013-12-04 16.42.53

Trim off the edges and set it to the side. Time to start cooking the filling! Make sure you preheat your oven to 425 degrees, I have no idea how you guys do it in other parts of the world so just do your own conversions! In a pan add the butter. I also throw a little garlic into mine because.. welp.. Italian… I can’t help it!

2013-12-04 16.47.49

Add all the veggies except the potatos and add the spices. I add salt and pepper to mine but a lot of people like to leave it out so I didnt add it to the list above.

2013-12-04 16.52.00

When all of the onions and celery turn clear add the chicken stock and potatos.

2013-12-04 16.58.35

2013-12-04 17.00.01

You’re gonna want to let this boil until the potatos and carrots are soft but still firm. But while this is happening chop up the turkey!

2013-12-04 17.14.34

Are your potatos and carrots soft? Great! Now it’s RUE time! Now the rue is serious business. ALL this work will be for nothing if you mess up the rue so pay attention! Are you paying attention? Undivided attention? mmkay.. butter.. throw some in a pan. Remember I am making SIX pies so don’t toss a whole stick in like me. Just two or three tablespoons.

2013-12-04 17.26.48

After it melts add the turkey

2013-12-04 17.28.49

Let the turkey cook in there for a few minutes so it’ll come up to temperature. Then add in the flour. Sprinkle the flour!

2013-12-04 17.31.38

You’re gonna have to let this cook for a few minutes. It’s tricky to know when it’s done. I’ve no idea actually how I do it, I just know. If you add the milk in too soon it stops the flour from cooking and then it tastes chalky and that’s no fun. Anywho, don’t add the milk too soon! It’ll be BAD and you’ll mess up the rue and mess up the whole pie! Don’t suck at life!

2013-12-04 17.34.18

When this is done add it to the veggie mixture. Then immediately remove it from the heat. It’s gonna start to thicken almost instantly and I don’t want you to burn it. So as soon as you stir it in just remove it.

2013-12-04 17.37.00

2013-12-04 17.38.31

Now add the mixture to your pie crust. Make sure you leave room at the top. If you don’t it’ll over flow.

2013-12-04 17.48.45

Sprinkle more of the ice water over the remaining half of the crust to moisten it back up. And repeat from above.

2013-12-04 17.49.28

See! It gets easier as you do it.. and this is the part everyone sees so if you screw this up ball it all back up and start over. You probably haven’t added enough ice water. Dont try to piece this mess together. I say nay nay to ugly pie crusts! Oh, and don’t forget to slice in some vents in the top.

2013-12-04 17.50.32

Bake for an hour or until the crust is a pretty golden brown. Then remove from the over and let it settle for ten minutes before cutting it open!

2013-12-04 18.58.09

And before any of you say anything about me not making a pretty or decorative ring with the crust.. My name is Shae Sixpence not freaking Better Crocker! I was making six of these blasted things. Ain’t no body got time for all that mess!

I forgot to take a picture of a piece on a plate for you because I got ran out of the kitchen my a horde of people screaming “POT PIE” but I was able to snap the last two pieces that were left in the very last pie before someone snatched them up.

2013-12-04 21.17.04

So, there ya go. My pot pies. It was hell trying to manage three different pots while taking pictures so I hope you’re happy Jefferson! And Lyrical I am sorry I lied to you and didn’t post last night. I was worn out and welp.. mascato…

Disclaimer: If you aren’t on my Plurk there is probably a very good reason for it. But please don’t flood me with Plurk friend requests if I don’t know you. My Plurk timeline is extremely small and I like it that way. If you’ve never said a word to me in our SLife I am probably going to ignore it. That mess is what Facebook is for! Happy Holidays!


People handle being sad and/or depressed in different ways. Some attempt to drink away their sorrows. Some choose to sleep till it’s ran it’s course. Some people watch a feel good (for them) movie over and over until they feel better. Me? I buy shoes. Lots and lots of shoes. My first life shoe closet gained six new residents over the past few weeks. My Second Life shoe closet.. well.. gained a few more than that, and that was before I made it to Shoetopia. Do you remember this post? I have no idea if Siddean Munro read it or not. Probably not but holy cow did she deliver! Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite boots, Demi.


Aren’t they beautiful!? This is the Shoetopia exclusive color, blush. The only way you can get this color is by visiting the event and purchasing them there. This color is also not included in the fat pack, which you should totally get as well. Just do it. Once you put them on you’ll never want to take them off.

The super cute turtle neck dress I am wearing is a new release from Legal Insanity called Kelly and it comes in twenty different colors. Ten combinations with black and ten combinations with brown. This is the brown/pink version. As always the textures are impeccable. While we’re talking about new releases check out Vanity Hair’s newest release called Fallen! Unfortunately you cannot tell in this image that there are thin braids running down either side but they are there! More visible on lighter colors of course.

Can we look at the boots again? Yes, lets. Here is a raw snap that is closer so you can see much moe bettah!


I forgot to mention that in order to wear these new boots you will need to purchase the new Slink AvEnhance Feet in the High version. I am really excited about these new feet and am looking forward to seeing all the new creations that will be made for them by the lovely artists of Second Life. Shoegasms for everyone! Hooray for happy days!

On Shae:

Hair: Vanity Hair – Fallen – Blacks *New*

*Dress: Legal Insanity – Kelly – Brown/Pink *New*

Boots: Slink – Demi – Blush (Shoetopia Exclusive) *New*

TP to Shoetopia Sim 1 or TP to Shoetopia Sim 2

Necklace: Antiques – Kingdom of Diamonds

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky – Twilight Steel

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha (TP to Temp Location)

Pose: Del May

Remission and Farewell

A couple months ago Strawberry Singh posted her Monday Meme as she does every Monday. It’s topic was Second Life Bucket Lists. While this entry isn’t about that the idea came from one of her items, Poppin’s Challenge. I had never heard of it before reading her blog that day. That day, I decided that when my doctors finally told me that my cancer was in remission I would do Poppin’s Challenge. It would be a grand day of celebration…  Then Wednesday morning I walked into work, grabbed my coffee, sat down at my desk and opened Plurk like I do every morning.  And there it was, Squinternet Larnia’s light had moved to it’s next life.

I knew Squinternet, I had worked with her on a few projects. I had the honor on more than a few occasions to model for her brand. I’ve been a fan of her work and a loyal customer for my entire Second Life. Squinternet’s soul is a creative, beautiful one that I feel certain has passed through each of her lives. I believe that her humor, wit, artistic creativity and beauty will travel with her to her next life.


(Special thanks to Damien, the creator behind O.M.E.N for helping me so quickly with the jewels in the picture above.) 

She came into my Second Life and my heart through her art. I had planned in my brain an extremely elaborate farewell image. It seemed fitting, saying farewell through my own art. I spent hours arranging a set and shooting but in the end I simply couldn’t. The visions in my brain refused to translate to my Wacom despite my best efforts.

Saying farewell is an extremely hard thing to do. Everyone needs to do it in their own way and within their own time. Thankfully she left behind one heck of a legacy. Each of us who own one of her creations holds a piece of her. I know I’ll never forget her and I’ll always be thankful that she found her way to Second Life. My personal Second Life has been a better one in part because of her and her art.



Remission doesn’t quite feel like I thought it would. 14 months ago when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer I seriously felt like the earth stopped spinning for a brief moment.  The word cancer is scary no matter who you are. For me, as a Celtic Pagan my specific type of cancer was devastating. Fashioning life within our person is one of our greatest gifts and it was being taken away from me. I do not have children yet so I couldn’t accept it, I wouldn’t accept it. Take my sight, take my right arm.. take what you want from me just please leave my gift in tact.

The past 13 months of my life has been one hell of a roller coaster . I didn’t think it was ever going to end. Today I was told that it was the end. No more injections, no more procedures, no mountain of pills to take twice a day and a 73% chance to conceive. (I am still confused as to how they actually came up with this percentage) I am supposed to be happy, right? I should be bursting with happiness.  Yet, I’m not.

I’ve only told two people (of the real life variety) about my news. One being my hair stylist of 15 years who I saw this afternoon. Bless that man’s heart he was far too good to me and my hair through the process. I can’t tell you how many times he met me at the salon after hours just to wash and style my hair while I cried. The other being my housemate who took care of me after every single treatment I had. She gave up countless weekends of fun with friends and life in general to lay in bed with me and watch tv, in fact I’ll be surprised if she’ll ever watch reality TV again. She made sure I ate, made sure I was fed and comfortable the best she can. I am blessed to of had such wonderful, caring people in my life.

When my hair stylist (aka the Wizard) asked me why I wasn’t happier I simply responded, “I don’t know. It’s just remission. It doesn’t mean it’s gone gone. It just means I am better for now.” He said something that threw me into one of “those moments”, you know the kind.. The one’s that alter your thought process on life in such a way that you actually notice the moment that it happens. He said, “Shae, you can’t wake up every day waiting for it to come back. You have to wake up every day as if it never happened.”



My thoughts immediately drifted to Squinternet and how hard she worked to live her life the best way she could despite knowing what was written for her life’s path. I am going to take a page from her life and use it within my own. I am going to force myself to push the fear behind me.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be going sky diving with my real life house mate. We made the plans a few weeks ago after my last scans in hopes of celebrating a remission. I also thought it would be pretty cool to do a real life version (some what) of Poppin’s Challenge.

Tomorrow I am going to leave all of my fear in the plane, for good. I am not going to allow a what if to control me. I kicked cancer’s ass once, if it comes back I can do it again.

Thank you Squinternet. Thank you for your art. Thank you for showing us how to celebrate life. You’ve impacted my life, you’ve changed me and you’ve helped me.

On Shae:

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Hair: Eaters Coma – Hair 19 – Noir

Feet: Gos Boutique – Barefeet Arched

Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Shoot Location: Forest of Iceni

Hot Air Balloon: Sways – Hot Air Balloon – Rainbow