About Shae


I‘ve been an active part of the Second Life community since 2008 as a photographer, model, brand manager, content creator, blogger  and an aimless wanderer.

At present I am the Chief Marketing Officer for the fashion house Miamai. I handle all media requests, agency requests, blogger management and special event requests. I DO NOT handle customer support, there is a nifty form right here for you to fill out for that! I DO NOT handle contest activity or customer appreciation events, please contact Kalia Anatine for those areas.

I am also the Senior Editor for Love To Decorate – The Magazine. Having spent the better portion of my adult life (the first life version) in the publishing world I suppose it was inevitable that I would enter into it at some point in my second life. It took five years for someone to finally nail me to a publication, I fought a good fight.

I ramble a lot in my blogs, cause well.. it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it! You’ll just have to deal with it.

Thanks for stopping by! Shoot me an IM in world sometime, I love meeting new folks.


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