Second Life Helpful Tools Meme

Hooorrraaaay! I am gonna do a Berry Meme!  The meme this week is for everyone to screenshot the huds that make their every day Second Lives better. So.. Here is mine!

hudscreenshotOn the left I have what I have seen a lot of today, the Anypose hud. I only use it for my eyes and use it constantly. I am extremely vain and hate my eyes blinking so as soon as I land somewhere I normally hit the center view one to fix my eyes. I also have a weird fear in Second Life ever since I became Miss Brazil in Miss Virtual World.. You NEVER know when people are gonna take pictures of you. I had one too many images snapped of me with my eyes all wonky. I say, nay nay.

In the center, I dont know if it’s considered a hud but I panic without the camera controls out.

On the right up top is my Henmations dance hud. Anyone who knows me knows that I am dancing most of the time in Second Life. Working, styling, decorating, feeding my fish.. it doesnt matter. I dance A LOT and it’s always there.

Below my dance hud is my Pose Anywhere hud by Essential Soul. Steven Dean gifted me this years ago and I love it. Its easy to load.. just drop the new poses in and bam. No notecards to fuss with, no mess and easy clean up! When I am doing group shots I wear multiples of this hud to pose everyone.

Below that, again I don’t know if it should be mentioned but it’s obvious that I am a Phoenix user. That little button all the way over on the bottom right hand side saves me SO much time. You can also customize it, as with most things in Phoenix to have your favorite or most changed preferences there with one click. In instances when I have to switch to the Official Viewer this is the feature I miss the most.

And then below that is my AO. I have no idea where it’s from. Editing it and going to the LM the creator has in their profile does NOT take me to the store I remember seeing when I was testing out AOs. I have never, ever been able to remember how to get to this dang store. Downfalls of divorce and being a creature of habit. You’re constantly reminded that your exhusband was your memory data bank!

Anywho, those be my huds! Suppose I should say what I’m wearing huh? ALL THE NEW THINGS! Joking.. here..

On Shae:

Hair: Truth – Esperanza – Black & Whites *New*

Unicorn Horn: PANIK – Magic Unicorn – Show *New* (Project Limited)

*Shirt – Legal Insanity – Missy T-Shirt – BA-ZN-GA – Petroil *New*

*Pants – Legal Insanity – Debby Cargo Pants – Beige *New*

Skin: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes – Clarity

Pose: From that AO place that I can’t remember the name of. Sorry Japanese folk! I love you! Really!



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