I Believe

I have been pretty bogged down this week with work so I haven’t had a lot of time to go out shopping but there are two items I do want to tell you about! The first is this new hair from Miamai called Ojaa. You can’t really see from the pictures because I suck but it’s a cute little pony tail. I am loving it and Monica Outlander threw a special version of it out to the Miamai group members today so if you missed it or aren’t a member of the group you’re gonna want to do what you gotta do to grab it!

I BelieveThe second item I’d like to tell you about is from a new to me shop called Plastik. It’s probably been around for quite some time I just didn’t know about it until they followed me on Flickr. I have had to make a habit of going to folks Flickr streams to preview before returning follows here lately. Some of you make surfing Flickr totally unsafe for work you know! Anywho, popped over and saw ALL THE CRAZY things! I really enjoy stores like this one that have little things that you won’t be likely to find otherwise. The horns, choker and earrings are all part of a huge package that was offered for 50L during yesterday’s Fifty Linden Friday round. There is a TON of stuff in this box. I tried to put on all the things but welp.. it wasn’t pretty. I’m really glad they added me on Flickr and I look forward to being able to pop over to the store to grab something off their shelves when I am feeling a bit outside the box.

I Believe2Can we talk about my azz? I haven’t been able to take it off since I got it Monday. By the way, I always wake up with the intent to do Berry’s Monday Memes and promise myself I will when I get home from work but something always comes up! This week it was completely derailed by my insane desire to acquire and play with the Cute Azz. Anywho, a few things that require mentioning or warning as the case may be about this azz:

One: If you stare at it too long it’ll make you want to stand up and do squats. True story! So if you’re one of those that decided you were finally gonna do the squat challenge as your new years resolution you are gonna need this azz. Loads of motivation, right there in your face all the time cause.. welp… it’s your azz!

Two: There aren’t enough appliers out there. I know I haven’t had time to look very hard but I have spent a few hours on the marketplace. Listen here people: I am a momma! I cannot be trotting around in my drawers all the time. At the very least I’m gonna need people to get on the ball with some more appliers that have.. erm.. more coverage? Again, I’m new to the whole mesh booty scene so if there’s someone out there who has knowledge of where to get appliers that will cover the whole thing and not just thongs I’d appreciate you dropping me a message here, email a sister.. IM her! Something!

Three: Your boots? Nay Nay. I truly wanted to wear some thigh high boots with this styling but nothing I tried worked. So… yeah.

Four: What is THIS about? (See below)

I Believe3That’s a raw snapshot, do you see the color change? It only happens at certain angles and I’m not quite certain why. At the angle used for the first picture it’s not visible. I’ve also noticed that as I move my camera around my avatar the appliers on the azz flicker a whole lot. And when I say flicker I mean just funky patches, not the entire thing. It’s really strange. I’ve no idea why, for photography it’s no big deal but for every day use it might be a problem. If there is something I need to change I’d really like to know about it!

Five: I can’t get my feet to match up exactly. I did figure out the gap issue between the legs and the feet though. My graphics are usually on Ultra for photos and once I bumped it down one tick it went away. No idea why! I’m not smart enough to figure it out but it went away and that’s all that matters. However.. there is a slight issue between my legs and my Slink feet. I’ve tried all the different sizes and it’s still there. For me the size xxsmall gets me the closest but it’s still not a perfect fit. Help? *makes a frowny face* It isn’t very noticeable but I know it’s there and because I know it’s there it effects the sexy that is projected from my aura! Waaaah!

Six: NO MORE KNOBBY KNEES!!!! I know I said it on my last post but seriously.. SO happy about not having to photoshop knobby knees anymore. Check out the raw snap below! Wooohoo! It’s not perfect but it’s a heck of a lot better than it was before!

I Believe4Seven: (Side note: I wanted to stop on six because … SIXPence but I have to tell you) You’re gonna get addicted to this thing quickly. Also, you get used to it quickly too. I’ve been wearing it all week and took it off for the first time today. I was INSTANTLY mortified. I couldn’t wait to get my Cute Azz (loving called the Phlat Azz by me!) back on. It’s amazing the difference it makes. Totally worth the lindens in my opinion.

On Shae:

Lingerie w/ Applier: *MUKA* – Blossom Back

*Hair: Miamai – Ojaa – Black1 *New*

Horns & Jewelry: :[Plastik]: – Krysis Set – Eastern Sunrise Limited Edition *New* (Fifty Linden Fridays)

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies

Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes – Clarity

Mesh Hands: SLink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Mesh Bootay: Luck Inc – Cute Azz

Poses: Del May


2 thoughts on “I Believe

  1. I couldn’t agree more, the cute azz is totally worth the lindens. I noticed similar things to what you’ve noted (e.g. the flickering in the waist seam and the foot gap issue – all manageable given the benefits – but a tad annoying to be sure).

    The flickering depends very much on the WL being used. I spoke to CK (who is extremely helpful by the way) and she told me it’s optimised for CalWL – and it’s true – almost seamless there.

    On the applier issue, I’m the same – I can’t be in a thong all day but at the same time really don’t want to be out of the azz, so would be very keen if anyone knows of a directory of appliers to share it – if someone does IM you, please share 🙂

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