Have you met my azz?

Hello… have you met my new azz?

CuteAzzThese are just raw shots of the new “Cute Azz” that made it’s debut today at Luck Inc. The only thing I’ve done to these images is resized them. I figured it would be best for everyone to see everything properly that way without question!

CuteAzz1I’ve waited to see if CK Winx would come out with a smaller size version of the Phat Azz and I am so glad it’s finally here! I tried so hard to make the Phat Azz slide down to a proportion that looked good with my normal shape. Failed miserably each time. I loathe photoshopping my bum and hips.. but even more exciting for me is that now I won’t have to photoshop out knobby knees!

CuteAzz2This version is meant for zero body fat and belly fat. So a lot of the problems people were having or complaining about with the Phat Azz isn’t an issue with this one. Best of all, because it’s a Luck Inc product all of the Phat Azz appliers work for this version as well, like this lingerie set from Blacklace.

CuteAzz3 I am still working on my shorter shape trying to get the legs to a thickness that I’d like. This is my modeling shape which is extremely tall and thin. I will fully admit that I am not all that good with shapes but hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out. I am also having an issue with a gap between the legs of the Cute Azz and my Slink Feet. I’m not sure how to fix this or even if I can. If any of you veteran Phat Azz users had this issue and fixed it I would certainly appreciate a little help! But.. For now though.. I’m just gonna sit here and stare at my new azz..

On Shae:

Mesh Bootay: *L.inc* Cute Azz *New!*

Lingerie:  Blacklace – Diacentra – Coal Lace Clincher Set

Hair: Exile – Party Girl – Blacks

Skin & Appliers: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Silk Wraps: Dutchie (Given as a prop from many furniture pieces)

Poses: Del May





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