New from BAX Boots and Rebel Hope

Am I the only one who remembers BAX Boots being the ONLY boots on the grid? Of course there were others but BAX Boots were the absolute best. If you didn’t have them your inventory was lacking, severely. Then mesh came along and BAM! All the sudden fabulosity started popping up everywhere. Suddenly there were other, great quality boots to wear. So many options from so many talented creators. My head was spinning and so was my Linden balance.



Now what I am about to say isn’t meant to offend anyone. However, it needs to be stated. Boot creators, Bax Coen just kicked your virtual asses! Behold, the BAX Regency Boots! Thigh high, high heeled, leather, and sexy on scales of epic proportions. They’ve also got that cool materials thingy going on that has been all the buzz lately. At some point it is said that materials will be broken by Linden Labs, apparently BAX already has a fix in case that happens. So, worry not about fat packing to get yourself all seven colors cause you’ll get an upgrade girl! Trust me, you need these boots in your life.. and the song Pretty Woman playing in the background on a constant basis as you strut across the grid.



So there I was, standing naked at my house (except for the boots of course) wondering to myself what in sam hill to pair with the boots for the blog. Cause they have to be blogged, I mean c’mon.. look at them! Anywho.. there I was surfing through Facebook waiting for inspiration to hit me when I see Rebel Hope post the vendor image for her latest dress Lyra. Eureka! Quick Change Folder to the rescue! I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to the three people I ran over while trying to get to the vendor. I’m gonna need you to make a path next time… Just sayin.. Ahem.. Lyra comes in eight different colors and is a whole lot of sparkly, sequiny, stunningness! The above images are processed but I’ve done nothing to the texture of the dress. That is exactly how it looks in world so don’t be afraid to just buy it. Pass the demo, there’s five different sizes.. just buy it!

P.S. You can thank me later, in the form of chocolate chip cookies.


On Shae:

Dress: !Rebel Hope – Lyra Mesh Sequin Dress – Black

Boots: BAX Boots – Regency – Black Leather

Hair: D!va Hair = Lili Type A – Onyx

Earrings: [Mandala] – Senjyu – Snow/Silver

Skin: Belleza: Shyla – Mocha 7

Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Party – Inverted Crown

Hands: Slink: Mesh Hands – Casual

Pose: Diesel Works – Vixie8



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