Love Donna Flora

I’ve been contemplating this blog for a few weeks waiting for the words to come to me. I still have no idea what exactly to write other than Squinternet’s creations have been a huge part of my Second Life for more years than I remember. Her store has been my default “go-to” for just about everything. In my modeling academy days I am sure my various instructors wondered if I shopped anywhere else. I simply didn’t see the need so I didn’t. Looking over my Flickr Photostream over the years I see her creations over and over again in my photographs as well as my client’s photographs.


One of the things that I love about Second Life is the bond that we build, not just with the avatars that we interact with in world but with the people behind the avatars. The artistic nature of another human, seeing their minds wonders be put into a form, an idea manifested and created is a beautiful thing. It’s even more beautiful to see those people, the ones behind the avatars come together to help another… selflessly. Countless artists have banded together under a simple banner of “Love Donna Flora” to aid Squinternet Larnia in a great time of need. She is battling cancer behind the avatar, bravely I might add. Most of the creations being sold at this event are 100% donations to Squinternet. Please consider visiting and purchasing, the event and her store. There is a beautiful tribute blog and event page where you can read a great deal of information about Squinternet’s condition and the events being held to support her here. She needs all the help we can offer.


I had the great pleasure of modeling in and photographing the “20 most beautiful gowns of Second Life” for the May 2011 issue of The Best of Second Life magazine. Viola Rookswood and myself spent an obscene amount of hours in her skybox on that project. When the 20 had been finalized and it came time to style there was not a second of hesitation in who to go to for jewelry for these gowns. Where else on the grid can you find 20 sets of jewelry fit for the 20 most beautiful gowns created? No where, in fact I firmly believe that you still can’t. Not of that caliber and certainly not with the variety that is available. Bless her heart, I know it was not an easy task for her although I am certain Viola attempted to make it as painless as possible when making our requests. We were greatly appreciative of her donation for the project. I left Second Life for a time and while I was gone mesh came onto the grid. When I returned everything went into an “old stuff” folder…. except my Donna Flora Jewelry. I’ll rock it till my avatar melts.

You’re loved Squinternet. We aren’t with you in person but there are thousands of souls wrapped around your person. Prayers, thoughts, light, and energy are being directed towards you in your time of need.

On Shae:

Gown: Dead Dolls – Nevermore! (Love Donna Flora)

Hair: Amacci Hair – Daphne – Jet Black (Love Donna Flora)

*Jewels: Donna Flora – Misty Platinum Set

Crown: Remarkable Oblivion – Love Donna Flora Crown (Love Donna Flora)

Skin: Belleza – Shyla – Mocha

Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Party Eyelashes – Inverted Crown

Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no 02

Eyeliner 2: Pin Me Down – Crying 3

Eyes: MADesigns – Eyes_Mirrors – Vanity

Pose: Di’s Opera – With Poise 2 – Pose 10


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