New Horizons…

It’s been a while since I’ve visited my own personal blog.. okay maybe years. Which is why I decided to just delete everything and start a new. I’m not linked to any feeds anymore nor do I have any traffic here since it’s been so long since I’ve used it but I plan to change that. Everything within time they say?

Amaya Bikini

I was out of Second Life for almost two months and within that time there were a lot of things dropped on me for blogging purposes. I am wading through them slowly.. worry not. However.. I currently need a bit of healing so much like real life I find myself spending a lot of time at beaches in Second Life just sitting there verses plundering through my inventory. The ocean is where I’ve always said my soul is and Datrip Blackbart’s new Amaya Bikini, his newest release was perfect for the beach. It comes in a bazillion patterns and colors. I tried on so many, it honestly took me hours to decide which one to finally blog.

Amaya Bikini

I’ve been a fan of Moni Schulze’s work since my early days in Second Life. I haven’t felt like venturing out and exploring anywhere lately, not even shopping. (Shocking I know) However, when I heard that Moni had new hairs at the Hair Fair I toodled over on the very last day of the event and hunted down her little corner of loveliness. RedMint Hair No 15’13 is my absolute new favorite hair. I’ve been wearing it non-stop and I don’t plan on taking it off any time soon.

On Shae:

*Bikini: Legal Insanity – Amaya Bikini – Serpent Red

Hair: (r)M – Hair No.15’13 – Pinch Black

Jewelry: Mandala – Yakushi Brown


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